1,000th Child Reached in Ethiopia!

We’re delighted to announce that we have received our 1,000th child at Retrak Ethiopia. This is a great landmark for our centre in Ethiopia, our staff, and the children we help.


Our 1,000th child, Teshome, aged 15, had been on the streets for one month before joining the Retrak program. He fled from his home in Ameya, a small town in SNNPR, after experiencing terrible abuse at the hands of his step father.The abuse began shortly after his mother remarried. All of a sudden Teshome’s life changed dramatically. From the outset it was clear his stepfather did not respect him and care for him. Instead he regularly abused him, making him feel worthless and alone. After suffering for several months, Teshome decided to travel to Addis Ababa in search of work and better quality of life.Life on the street was not what he expected and he quickly settled back into the same pattern of abuse, loneliness and neglect. So when Teshome met one of Retrak’s street outreach workers, he quickly decided to join the Retrak programme. Teshome is a promising student and, with Retrak’s help, he’s certain he can start to rebuild his life.The staff and children couldn’t wait to celebrate and held a small party in his honour to mark this important occasion.

Lynn Kay, Country Director said, “Teshome is no more special than any other child Retrak has helped. Each child is special and deserves to grow up in a safe and loving family, to go to school and to explore their dreams for the future. But Teshome provides an opportunity for Retrak to look back over the 7+ years we have been working in Ethiopia and give thanks to God for his gracious provision, for his protection and care and for the changes in individual children’s lives.”

As Teshome cut the cake, the other children clapped and shouted “1,000 children at Retrak Ethiopia”. This achievement reminds us of how far Retrak Ethiopia has come in a short space of time and is a sign of even better things to come in the future, for Retrak, and for the futures of the children we help.

Thank you to all our supporters who enabled us to reach this great achievement. We can only reach the next 1,000 with your help. If you’re not already, please make a regular gift to Retrak here