Our Mission

Retrak works to transform highly vulnerable children’s lives, preserve families, empower communities and give each of them a voice. We put children at the very heart of everything we do and will be fearless and tenacious in defending and promoting their rights.

Musa, aged 14

Who we are

Retrak is a faith-based UK charity, part of the Hope for Justice family. Our vision is a world where no child is forced to live on street. 

We believe that no child should be excluded, forgotten or ignored and we are motivated by our Christian faith to work towards our vision of no child being forced to live on the street. To achieve this we want to end poverty in all its forms, everywhere.

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What we do

Retrak works to enable street children move from a life of vulnerability, exclusion and poverty to a life within a positive family or community. We work with the children and the family members to ensure everyone is as healthy, emotionally well, safe, educated, and as economically independent as possible. It is a difficult task but we are glad of the results, some of which you can see below. See former street children talk about renewed dreams after Retrak’s life-skills, family and reintegration support and life-changing transition centres. Below are some of the services we provide to help these children fulfil their amazing potential.

Outreach Services

Outreach services enable staff to meet street children and offer them support at our centres


Safe overnight shelter for street children where they are free from abuse and exploitation


Counselling for children who have suffered trauma and for families who need support

Medical Services

Medical care, HIV voluntary testing and counselling and health and hygiene lessons


Education, vocational and business training for street children


Building resilience to protect vulnerable children, families and communities

Reintegration Services

Reintegrating children with their families or a foster family

Follow up support

Follow up support for children and family members

Child Protection

Child protection education for families, communities and local public services, like police and teachers