Our Values

Our values express what Retrak believes in and how we will behave. They are all equally important, there is no hierarchy, they drive us, and are universally applicable. Our values are underpinned by our Christian faith. This means we embrace all people, valuing their diversity and difference, so that no one is excluded, forgotten or ignored.


Believing that every single child matters, we will question, speak out and act boldly on behalf of street children so that real and lasting change becomes their reality.


We hold ourselves accountable for the delivery of high quality, equitable services, which adapt to the unique needs of each child, family and community.


Street children are often ignored or unseen, we invest in innovative opportunities and use research and technology creatively to increase their visibility and voice.


We are committed to transparent, fair, unbiased and mutually respectful relations with all of our stakeholders.

Retrak's Background

Retrak is a faith-based UK charity. Our vision is a world where no child is forced to live on street. Our mission is to transform highly vulnerable children’s lives, preserve families, and empower communities. We put children at the heart of everything we do and we will defend and promote their rights.

Often abused or violated on the street and on the very fringe of society, these children eke out an existence, begging or scavenging. Our aim is that these children will find a sustainable path away from the streets to a family-based home where they can flourish, grow safely, and fulfil their dreams. There are many reasons why children end up living on the streets, but the background is always poverty. Children tell us their main reason is family breakdown, like the death of one or both parents. Poverty creates an environment where families do not have the resilience deal with this. We aim to build resilience in children, families and communities by ending poverty, everywhere.

Retrak began in Uganda in 1994 as a football club called the Tigers Club Project. This club provided street children with the opportunity for play and escape their problems. In 1997 the organisation registered in Uganda and became a charity in the UK. Retrak has grown from these roots and now operates in Uganda, Ethiopia, Malawi, Kenya, and Tanzania. Retrak has also trained partner organisations in Mozambique, DRC and Zimbabwe. Retrak is also involved in ground breaking research working with organisations across the globe from Mexico to Cambodia. We also have a sister organisation , Retrak America.

Our work begins with outreach on the streets, and is supported by pioneering foster care, independent living and self-help groups. This beginning-to-end approach has helped children to return home to their immediate or biological families and is hugely successful with 80% of children we’ve helped staying off the street for at least 2 years.

Meet the Team

Ian Pettigrew

Chairman (Board Member)

Ian chairs our Impact & Learning sub-comittee. Outside of Retrak, Ian runs Kingfisher Coaching and he is a lay minister (Reader) in the Church of England

Val Floy

Trustee (Board Member)

Val chairs our Finance & Risk subcommittee. She has experience of managing programmes focused on disadvantaged children in the international sector, East Africa and Eastern Europe

Diana White

Trustee (Board Member)

Diana is a passionate supporter of our vision to create a world where no child is forced to live on the streets

Terry Bebbington

Trustee (Board Member)

A retired police officer, Terry is a long-term volunteer with Retrak having visited our programmes in Africa

Rachel Stoeter

Trustee (Board Member)

Rachel is an anesthesiologist at a local hospital & a passionate supporter of Retrak's work

Judi Cumberland

Trustee (Board Member)

Judi works with World Vision UK on their strategy & risk management

Bridget Fenwick

Trustee (Board Member)

Bridget is an educational specialist and adviser for organisations such as CAFOD

Sir Peter Fahy

CEO (Executive Team)

A former police officer for 34 years, Sir Peter has had a close partnership with Retrak since 2009 while he was Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police. Having visited many street child programmes in Africa, Sir Peter became Retrak’s CEO in November 2015

Steve Thomas

Finance Director (Executive Team)

Delivering value for money by improving our performance & efficiency, Steve drives Retrak's processes & contract negotiation skills

Maggie Crewes

Director of Programmes (Executive Team)

Maggie oversees all our programme work, as well as carrying out team training and is Retrak’s overall child protection officer.

Sources of Funding