Rio workshop; Maggie’s Day 2

EVENT: Director of Programmes in Brazil  Day 2 | AUTHOR: Maggie Crewes 

I was thrilled that 34 people registered for our workshop when I visited our Brazil partner Terra dos Homens or ABTH in Rio in Fenruary. ABTH’s executive director Claudia Cabral made sure the meeting had a mix of social workers, street outreach educators and psychologists, as well as senior social welfare and justice officers from government services.  We spent the time going through Retrak’s principles and practice for reintegrating children home from the street. Contextualising the case studies in relation to the favelas, the drugs, the violence and how this impacts working with the children and families was interesting for all of us.

aa Brazil workshop feb 16

We found there are similarities and of course key differences from our established work in Africa though overall I was so pleased the general principles and steps from Retrak’s main Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) seem to be transferable to our Brazil programmes through ABTH.

There was much discussion around collaboration, referrals, how to monitor children’s well-being, and how to follow up the children after they have been placed into families.  We shared tools and templates with special interest raised on how to best document cases and how Retrak does ‘case management’.

Critical aspects of ‘attachment’ and how vital it is to heal the damage done in young children’s lives was brought up and we relate to the common inter-generational aspect of broken relationships and attachments that cause so many issues as families struggle to relate in healthy ways.

Three days disappear and we feel like we are just getting in to it!  I am sure I have learned more than I have shared!  It’s been an amazing time of interacting with such a passionate group of committed Brazilians who are keen to make a difference in these children’s and families lives. Retrak is very excited about our work with these teams to help Brazil’s children off their streets and living in safe families once more. For more on Retrak in Brazil click here