Retrak outperforms in BOND results

Recent performance results show Retrak has outperformed against the benchmark in almost all the categories in a ‘health check’ report by membership body BOND. The report is an indication of what staff really think of the organisation they work for and Retrak scored higher than the average in 69 of the 79 categories.

Retrak’s CEO Diarmuid O Neill said: “Retrak has outscored and surpassed the benchmark in all the 11 pillars that BOND measures, and in all but 10 of its 79 indicators. It is an excellent achievement across the organisation.”

He added: “Obviously it’s the children’s success stories we want to hear most of all but it’s heartening to know our staff think Retrak is doing a fairly good job of it.”

The statistics, taken from around 100 of Retrak’s internationally-based employees, shows the highest scoring pillar was the ‘leadership and strategy’ category. ‘Monitoring strategy’ also scored highly as did Retrak’s ‘accounting systems.’

Staff also responded they had an input into the organisation’s decisions with the report stating ‘…this results in a shared sense of responsibility, accountability and ownership of the decision-making process, and that retention rate of employees is very high with a high number serving more than five years.’ See the full report here: Retrak BOND Health Check Report 2015

[Source: Retrak: Health Check Results Presentation to Board, 3 March 2015, Michael O’Donnell, BOND]

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