Creating Choices for Children on the Street: How Retrak Reaches Out

Retrak believes no child should be forced to live on the streets though we know some children will exercise their right to choose a life on the streets. Sadly, for some, it can be a preferable option to staying home so Retrak also believes every child should be able to choose a positive alternative. No child should be forced to stay on the streets because an alternative does not exist or a child does not know how to access it.

This means outreach work is essential in ensuring children have a choice. Getting out onto the streets to meet children and build positive relationships with them can make all the difference. We show how effective outreach begins with relationships built on a basis of respect, trust and flexibility.

Retrak brings together insights from experienced practitioners and it is hoped our standard operating procedures can help fill a gap in guidance on outreach.

Watch our short video below to see Retrak Ethiopia’s outreach worker, Yosef, talking about his experiences on the streets of Addis Ababa.

Drawing on evidence from the global youth work discipline, Retrak also defines our principles and approach.

The new Outreach SOPs place children at the centre of our work where we emphasise that positive relationships, built on a deep understanding of each child’s situation, are key to helping a child move off the streets and into a brighter future. 

We hope our Outreach SOPs will guide and help us raise the quality of our work in this area. Download Retrak’s Outreach SOPs for more information.