Fikirte’s story

“The social support we get from Self-Help Group (SHG) is important:
we visit sick friends, we care for someone when there is a death in
the family. We also have lessons about good parenting and I read
the notes every day.

I’m trying to compensate now for the mistakes I made with the other children. When my daughter gave birth, I beat her and she ran away and left her son for me to care for. Now, I weep for what I did, it was a lack of knowledge. I am bringing up my grandson according to the knowledge I gained from the SHG.

“We agreed to save 5 Ethiopian Birr (ETB) a week but gradually we are improving. Many of us have 500 ETB saved already. The SHG  is connecting with the bank, checking the deposit and accounting records. There is transparency and no political interference. The trust is growing between us and we compete to save the most. We all have power, equally. No one is the boss. Today, one is the leader and next week another. Nothing is hidden.

“I want to thank the team for the SHG and the guidance and support it gives us. I appreciate that you come to visit us; this shows how much you value us. No one valued us before.”
Name has been changed

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