First step home appeal

We are putting our best foot forward in 2017 by launching our First Step Home appeal and preparing more children for the journey back to a family life.

Everyday we see children forced to live on the streets walking barefoot through slums. Without shoes, children are at risk of infection and injury: for children living on the streets, walking barefoot puts them at even greater risk. Without shoes, children living on the streets are easy to identify which makes them vulnerable to traffickers and abusers.

Rather than asking for donations of shoes, we would like you to donate just £2 to cover the cost of a new pair of shoes for a child forced to live on the street. The cost of sending donated shoes costs far more than buying brand new ones in the countries we work in and, this way, we are also supporting the local economy.

The children we work with have often travelled vast distances, some over 300 miles, from their homes. All of the children Retrak support need to be fed and clothed, provided with healthcare and education. With your £2 we can start that process. With your help, we can ensure that more children are prepared to take their #firststephome.

If you would like to help please visit our JustGiving page here or donate £2 by simply texting SHOE20 followed by £2 to 70070.