Great News – Summer 2017!

Great news! The summer edition of Retrak’s newsletter, the Voice of The Children, is available here.

We are delighted to share with you some of the great things that are happening across Retrak projects right now. In Ethiopia we celebrated our 10th anniversary and in Uganda we are preparing to compete in the Street Child World Cup. This edition also highlights the work Retrak is doing to tackle modern slavery and trafficking so that fewer children are torn between a life of abusive work and the street.

This summer, Retrak has addressed the urgent need to support the child victims of modern slavery. Find out how Retrak has helped one girl in particular, Imelda, overcome the circumstances that led her to the street and the hope she now has for her future.

Through our community work, Retrak has prevented hundreds of children from being trafficked. Find out how our awareness raising training changed the perspective of Sebhat, a bus conductor, and enabled him to save six girls from traffickers in just one day.

Thanks to your continued support and our team’s efforts, many children who have been forced into exploitative labour are now preparing to return to a loving family home.