International Day of the Street Child

Retrak’s offices are buzzing with activity today as we join Consortium for Street Children to raise awareness for the International Day of the Street Child.

The theme this year is all about a child’s ‘identity‘.

For a child who takes to the street, for whatever reason, the last thing they think about is their own paperwork. When they are not able to return home, simple things such as knowing when you were born or which area you are registered to, even your family name, these all become lost without official documents. It also means getting back to your family can be difficult. In some communities, this sort of paperwork can be a rarity, even for adults, and registering a child, non-existent.

Imagine living on the street and not knowing your full name or when your birthday is. Or not being able to access key services such as education and healthcare; this can have a devastating effect on a child’s future. These children still have an identity; they become survivors, they are resourceful. They also have hopes and dreams just like an other child.

Children in our drop-in centres have been marking International Day of the Street Child by creating pictures about how they see themselves, how others see them, and their hopes for the future. See some of these below. Please take a moment to think about the children who, right now, are living, working and sleeping on the street with dreams of becoming doctors, nurses and world class footballers. If you would like to help them today then please donate here or you can call on 0161 485 6685. Thank you.

2016_1204_Girl hope story 15 years old_Zimbabwe i want a house i want to be a doctor but they see me like thief  i want to be a world footballer I want to be a nurse  they beat me