Retrak involved in landmark research

There are wide and varying estimates as to the number of children living on the street. It is commonly cited that the UN has estimated that there are approximately 100 million children, but the reality is that nobody actually knows the accurate statistics as street children have not been counted.

Enumerating street children is a huge challenge, not least because of their mobility and distrust of adults. Yet reliable and accurate measures of street child populations can help inform our work and ensure that policy and practice meets children’s needs in the right way.

Retrak have published a new research paper describing some of the challenges of counting children on the streets and suggests a methodology, called capture/recapture, which can be used to provide an accurate measure of the number of children on the streets in a particular location.

Retrak, with its partner Chisomo Children’s Club and supported by David Whitford (co-author of this paper), will be piloting the methodology in Malawi towards the end of 2014.

You can read the research paper here: [To be added soon]

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