NEW Guidelines on Children’s Reintegration

For over twenty years, Retrak has prioritised getting children on the streets back to a family setting, so we are delighted to be part of a core group of international organisations who contributed to global guidelines on children’s reintegration.

The Guidelines call for greater investment in reintegration as the primary response for children rather than institutionalised care (orphanages or remand homes). They provide governments, donors and international agecies practical guidance in developing effective, high quality reintegration programmes.

Children separated from family care are among the most vulnerable in the world. They are less likely to attend or do well in school; less able to access health and other basic services; more likely to engage in anti-social and criminal behaviours; and are far more vulnerable to violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect. The future prospects of these children are often severely limited. As adults, they are often less able to access employment, more likely to experience poverty and to be dependent on the state.

Our experience shows that reintegration is not a one-off event, it is a process which involves extensive preparation and follow up. In 2015 Retrak worked with over 24,000 people; reintegrating children back into a family setting and strengthening families and communities so that children do not become separated.

We are pleased that through these guidelines our approach will help more vulnerable children.

You can read a synopsis of the report here

Read a full version of the Guidelines here