Outreach Begins in Lilongwe

In 2013 Retrak started a new partnership with Chisomo Children’s Club in Malawi to restart outreach and reintegration services for street children through their large centres in Lilongwe and Blantyre.
Before this could happen, major renovations and staff recruitment needed to take place.
We have recruited for various positions such as Finance Manager and a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer. We have also employed a nurse, a teacher and night time carers for the centre in Lilongwe. Renovations have also been completed in Lilongwe meaning that outreach has been able to start!
We now have fifteen children staying safely in the centre who were previously struggling to survive on the street. The children are participating in a full day’s programme involving counselling, medical care and catch up education. When they are ready, our staff will start to work to return them home to loving families.
Similar renovations and recruitment are taking place soon in Blantyre with the hope to be receiving children by August.
This project is possible thanks to Human Dignity Foundation, a charitable organisation based in Switzerland that has supported over 20 projects in Africa and Asia. Human Dignity Foundation envisages a world where all humans live in dignity; where root causes of poverty and social injustice are removed and rights are fulfilled.
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