Read Our Latest Annual Report

This year we have a digital annual report so we can share the impact we have had with all of our supporters more easily. We hope you will find this format more accessible and impactful.

There is no accurate figure on the number of children living on the street in the world but, whatever the number, the reality for them is stolen childhoods, physical and sexual abuse, lost potential, fear, scavenging, hunger and arbitrary detention. Retrak believes that every child is unique and develops best in safe, caring family and community settings. We believe that children spending most of their lives on the street have to be listened to and kept safe. We believe that agencies need to work with families and communities to strengthen parenting, address the reasons why children run away and help families and communities to provide for one another.

2015 was a year of transition and consolidation for Retrak leading to the exciting new projects starting this year. We said a sad farewell to Diarmuid ÓNéill, my predecessor, who left me such a strong foundation to build upon. I want to thank our staff, supporters and trustees for all their efforts and I really look forward to working with you all to ensure that no child is forced to live on the street. To download the 2015-2016 annual report, please click here

Sir Peter Fahy – Retrak CEO