Uganda: Retrak children seriously hurt in accident

Retrak is launching an urgent medical appeal. On Friday 9th October 2015, 28 children and 2 staff were knocked down in Kampala, Uganda, by a single driver who was travelling at exceptional speed. The children were all walking on a footpath on the way from one of our centres to play football. Ten of the children were seriously injured, four of them critically. We are appealing to our friends, supporters and wider public to contribute to the medical treatment and ongoing care for these street children, some of whom have sustained life-changing injuries.

To donate please visit our website here.

Miraculously no one died and we are now relieved to be able to say that all but one of the 28 children have been discharged from hospital into outpatient care, but vital ongoing medical treatment is critical for all of the children to fully recover.

The injuries include broken arms and legs, a broken pelvis, two children with fractured skulls and tragically one child has had to have their leg amputated. Also, one child has not spoken a single word since the accident. All 28 children will need ongoing orthopedic care, including fitting of prosthetic limbs, physiotherapy, speech therapy and specialist post trauma psychological counselling. We are also making counselling available to all our staff team in Uganda.

The costs for delivering all this medical care is estimated at £20,000. The British High Commission in Uganda have already raised 5million Ugandan Shillings (£1,000) for the appeal through a hastily organised quiz night on behalf of Retrak. Retrak is grateful to the High Commissioner and the Deputy High Commissioner for their support. A local catering business has also donated to the appeal. Several individuals have also very generously donated so therefore the amount we need to raise is now at approximately £17,000. Retrak will keep you updated on our progress to reaching the target.

In the words of the children themselves recalling the accident and the subsequent help from the Kibuli Muslim Hospital and the International Hospital Kampala they stated that:

“We thank you for giving us good treatment, medicine, reducing pain and stopping bleeding we came in as dead bodies we went back walking.”

As part of the urgent medical appeal we are asking people to do two things, continue to pray for all the children involved and to donate online to the appeal by clicking here.

We leave you with another child’s comments in a letter they wrote to the hospital staff: “Thank you for saving our lives that day which was between death and life.” Your support will help them fully rebuild their lives and recover from the horrifically traumatic accident.

Thanks to all of you who have passed on your wishes since the accident, we all appreciate it, and to those who have already given to the appeal. We are very grateful and thank you for your deep support and commitment.