Retrak’s 2013 successes!

2013 has been an amazing year for Retrak! Thanks to our supporters we have been able to achieve amazing things and help more children than ever. Here are a few highlights:

  • Retrak was able to open a new drop in centre in Kampala, Uganda due to our many wonderful supporters. The centre’s name was chosen by the children, who chose to call it ‘Bulamu’ which means ‘life’. Nasiche who suggested the name, chose it because “When I was on the streets of Kampala, I was half-dead, half-alive, but when I came here my life was full again. So I wish to name this place Bulamu, which means LIFE”.
  • In 2013 Retrak helped 3 girls through our work at a home for girls in Ethiopia to get jobs as hairdressers. Helping them to have a bright future!• Retrak Ethiopia was also able to deliver 1331 medical clinic sessions for sick or wounded street children. These cost just £2 each and yet help transform the lives of street children in Ethiopia.
  • Retrak Ethiopia was awarded a special certificate of recognition for its community work by the Mayor of Gimbicho (a town in Ethiopia) for its projects within the local community.• In the same year Retrak Ethiopia ensured that the majority of the boys that went through the Retrak programme were reintegrated with their families.
  • In Ethiopia Retrak provided shelter at our night shelter for over 300 children with nowhere to sleep.
  • Retrak caught up with Emmanuel Buyinza: one of the 1st street child to take part in our projects in Uganda.

    Emmanuel is doing tremendously well, having obtained a degree of arts in social work and social administration from Kampala International University. Emmanuel now works with the charity Children of Grace in Jinja, looking after 140 students and giving them the power to make their own choices in life.

  • Retrak Uganda was able to offer over 150 children the chance to participate in business training, which is invaluable in giving the children the opportunity for a sustainable future.
  • Retrak was able to reach more street girls than ever before! Our centre in Kampala, Uganda, started admitting girls. And with our partner in Ethiopia the Organisation for Prevention, Rehabilitation and Integration of Female Street Children (OPRIFS) we were able to begin the ‘Safe Night Project’ in Shashamane. Retrak provided OPRIFS with the financial support to pilot a foster care program and organise training to build staff’s capacity.
  • Retrak is also delighted to share the fantastic new that we have started working in Malawi with a new partner: Chisomo’s Children Club. This partnership represents a significant step towards helping Retrak achieve its vision of creating a world where no child is forced to live on the street.
  • Also in 2013 Retrak Ethiopia got a new water system, ensuring that the water for the children was safe and clean.And this was all possible thanks to you! Without help from supporters such as GMP & GMFRS who raised over £65,000 for Retrak in 2013, we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish so much in 2013. We look forward to what 2014 brings, and hope it’s going to be even better for street children!
If you want to be part of something special this year please consider donating to Retrak here.