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Retrak’s Emergency Appeal for Bulamu Girls Centre, Uganda.

Emergency Appeal – Bulamu Girls Transition Centre, Kampala, Uganda.

Retrak has today launched an emergency appeal to raise £16,500 in eight weeks to help fund our Girls Transition Centre called Bulamu in Kampala, Uganda.

All Kampala’s street children lack everyday needs – they have no safe shelter, access to education and medical care, or adequate nutrition – but girls are especially vulnerable. Girls living on Kampala’s streets are quickly smuggled into prostitution and domestic work where sexual abuse, rape, unwanted pregnancies and HIV/AIDS are all widespread. Retrak’s research has suggested that of the girls living on Kampala’s streets 73% have experienced some form of sexual abuse or unwanted pregnancy, 77% have carried out hard work without payment and all of them lack access to the necessary sanitary pads.

However Retrak through the Bulamu Girls Transition Centre is giving these girls hope. Retrak’s specialist and experienced team in Kampala provides services specifically tailored to meet the needs of girls who have been living on the street and in 2015 reached out to over 120 young girls. Bulamu offers these young vulnerable girls with a safe and hygienic place to sleep, access to education and medical care, and provides counselling to those girls who have experienced traumatic experiences such as sexual abuse. In 2015 alone Bulamu helped to refer 61 girls for specialist medical care and reintegrated 71 girls to safe and secure family settings away from the streets.

Yet Bulamu’s services are under threat. From November, when current funding ends, Retrak does not have an adequate source of income to cover the centre’s £5,500 per month operational costs and we need your help to allow us to continue to run Bulamu at capacity. The current service provision for street children, specifically girls, in Kampala is poor and without Bulamu it is likely that more girls would end up in unsafe and inappropriate locations such as police cells or remand homes, or back on the street.

If Retrak can raise £16,500 that would allow the Bulamu centre to continue to run at capacity for another three months, and should we raise more, then we would be able to keep it running for even longer. You can donate to our campaign here.

With your help we can continue to drastically change these young girls’ lives.

For us it’s simple: no girl should be forced to live on the streets. Please help us keep Bulamu Girls Transition Centre running.