Retrak’s new project in Malawi

Our new project in Malawi will benefit over 4,000 highly vulnerable children in the country over five years, thanks to the Human Dignity Foundation. The project will build the capacity of the local organisation Chisomo Children’s Club which has been working with street children in the cities Blantyre and Lilongwe for 15 years. CCC has a strong reputation, values child participation and child rights and recognises the value of family re-integration.

The project will improve access to services for street children and aim to integrate them with their families using Retrak’s model. Children will be supported to think about their options for the future and rebuild attachments with family members.As part of this reintegration Retrak will support children to return to education or training.

As well as benefitting over 4,000 vulnerable children, this project will also benefit nearly 1,500 carers of vulnerable children and over 3,000 siblings of street children. Retrak will work to help make families economically independent and build their capacity to care and provide for their children.

Retrak will also raise awareness of street children and their families and change attitudes towards them. This will involve a headcount and survey of the street children in these two cities, and establishing a National Street Child Consortium.  We will also provide training and guidance to government officials and organisations working with street children in areas such as child rights, child protection,reintegration, foster care and outreach. This will enable the project to impact the lives of children and families beyond the direct target groups and leave a lasting legacy at the end of five years.

This project is possible thanks to Human Dignity Foundation,a charitable organisation based in Switzerland that has supported over 20 projects in Africa and Asia. Human Dignity Foundation envisages a world where all humans live in dignity; where root causes of poverty and social injustice are removed and rights are fulfilled.