Rift Valley Children and Women Development Organization

Retrak begun working with a local organisation in Oromia, Ethiopia, called Rift Valley Children and Women Development Organization (RCWDO) in 2012. The parternship between Retrak and RCWDO is to help children affected by the drought access education and regular meals. 

RCWDO is a development organization which works with women and children to address the causes of poverty and underdevelopment in the Rift Valley areas. 

The new partnerhsip and grant from Retrak will enable RCWDO to help prevent malnutrition in Oromia by providing 650 children in two target schools with meals for one year. As a result children will have the energy to concentrate in class and alleviate the families’ burden of struggling to provide food for their children during the drought. Food aid will also be provided to over 2,200 vulnerable members of the community, including single parents and children under 5 years old. 

The UN estimates that more than 10 million people in East Africa have been affected by the worst drought to hit the Horn of Africa in over 60 years. The drought in Ethiopia has resulted in a food shortage and increased malnutrition for over 97,800 people in the Oromia region alone. As a result families have been forced to migrate with their animals to areas of better pasture and children are removed from school and expected to contribute to household income through hazardous activities such as gold mining.

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