Work to Free Child Victims of Modern Slavery

To mark World Day Against Child Labour, Retrak have launched a campaign to help children on the streets who have been lured by traffickers, or forced to flee modern slavery.

Our team go out onto the streets late at night to reach out to these vulnerable children, offering them safe and positive alternatives to exploitative work and life on the streets. We provide children with the food, medical care, clothing, and safe shelter they desperately need, alongside counselling and catch-up education to prepare them for brighter futures.

Throughout June and July we are asking people to donate the equivalent of an hour’s salary and work to free child victims of modern slavery. The living wage of £10 an hour can provide shelter for a child at one of our centres for a full month.

The campaign, which was inspired by the poem ‘Invisible Kisses’ by Lemn Sissay poet and Retrak patron, seeks to raise awareness and vital funds for our work in Ethiopia, Malawi and Uganda and open doors for children trapped in the keyless room of modern slavery.

Girls in particular are especially vulnerable to exploitation, migrating to the city with a dream of improved educational and employment opportunities, only to face a nightmare of exploitative domestic or commercial sex work. This has to end.

Following the success of Retrak’s pioneering project in Ethiopia, which saw 60 girls rescued from child domestic work, and 140 saved from traffickers, we want to reach more victims of modern slavery and support them to return to a safe and loving family home.

With our proven record and your help, we can continue challenging attitudes which see children forced to leave their families and education to enter modern slavery. We will continue to empower communities to care for and protect their children from trafficking and forced labour.

Please donate here to stop child labour ending more childhoods.